UltraFast Internet to your street


UltraFibre can transform your business internet. Offering Symetrical Speeds Up and Down

Home internet
Home Internet

Give your home internet the Ultimate boost.
Enjoy 4K Streaming and Gaming for all the Family. Packages from 100Mb/sec

VOIP Calls

Find out how switching to VOIP calls can save you money with our fixed price plans



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Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

Up to £5000 towards the installation of Superfast and Ultrafast Internet may now be available for your area. If you are a Home or Businesses which is eligible then register your interest with us and we will put together a project. The scheme is demand led so making a request is essential.

Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

UltraFibre   Features

What UltraFibre can do to transform your Internet and Connectivity
4K and 8K streaming

Our UltraFast Fibre is ready for 4K and even upcoming 8K straeming quality. Enjoy your entertainment at amazing Ultra HD quality!


Gigabit Internet Speeds Available
Unlimited Data on all Plans
Ultra Low Latency / Great for Gaming

VoIP - Phone

Switch to our VoIP phone service and enjoy fixed price Unlimited Calls to Landline and Mobile. No surprise bills

Home Wi-Fi Upgrades

Talk to us about upgrading your home Wi-Fi to the latest Wi-Fi 6 or Mesh Wi-Fi routers as well as Multiple Wi-Fi access points!


Easy to talk to Technical support if you ever need it. We believe you should always be able to talk to someone that can help!


Fixed price billing with no out of contract price hikes!

UltraFast Everything.

Great for all your Devices

UltraFast Internet that can handle all your devices being used at the same time. Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Laptops and Mobile

Voice Over Internet (VoIP)

With the old Copper phone network being switched off in 2025 now is a great time to make the jump to VOIP and save money.

Find out how we can help Your Business.

Having a Full Fibre Optic Internet connection might only be the first part in how we can really help. Contact us today to discuss your Business needs